A Brief Journal on how Richard Liu has Grown his Business to its Current Height

Among the most celebrated business leaders, Richard Liu holds a decent position globally. He is a successful entrepreneur, serving at JD.com as the CEO and the chairman. The businessman was also responsible for founding the company that has become an international brand in the modern market.

About Liu Qiangdong, JD.com CEO - JD Corporate Blog

Richard Liu experienced a humble background when growing up, which has made him an honest and devoted businessperson today. Since starting the business, he invested his time, commitment, and devotion, from which he has reaped significantly. 2019 was one of his most rewarding years when the organization made over $82.9 billion. The entrepreneur is one of the wealthiest, rated $12.7 billion. Despite all the achievements, he is one of the most modest people on earth.

Distinguished achievements that Richard boasts

Besides being a renowned CEO and a successful entrepreneur, Richard Liu has also received multiple awards throughout his career. He has appeared in Fortune magazine. The businessman has invested profoundly in technology, embracing big data, drones, and the Internet of Things, among a dozen others. He strives to transform the traditional business approaches and build a future blessed with convenience. His company rides on the philosophy of truth, loyalty, and trust.

Richard Liu has featured severally in reputable journals, courtesy of his success story. His efforts on D.com have made him a respected leader in China and the world at large. In 2011, CCTV recognized him as the China Economic Person of the Year. Other accolades include the Chinese Business Leader, which he received in 2011. 2012 came with a fair share of breakthroughs for the entrepreneur. Forbes recognized him among the wealthiest in 2020, ranking him #126 on the list of billionaires. In 2017, he appeared at position 25 amongst the richest in China.

Richard Liu is an experienced public speaker with a long list of international forums that he has spoken. They include the World Economic Forum, where he addresses business leaders about technological growth and e-commerce, among other imperative topics. His leadership at JD.com has brought significant victory and wealth.