Citizen App Beefs Up Security Measures In The Majority Of Cities Across The United States

Citizen App is the most efficient app that provides its users with real-time security alerts and videos. In this piece of writing, we will dissect the numerous features and how to operate the app that makes it outstanding. When a user opens the app for the first time, they are prompted to allow the app to access their location. This permits the app to send real-time alerts to the user wherever they are. The second thing that the app requires is to gain access to the user’s contacts. This significantly helps the app to send videos and alerts to the user’s loved ones.

The Citizen App has a feature that significantly aids in tracing the contacts if one tests positive for covid-19. The feature dubbed as SafeTrace makes it easy to trace people who may have been exposed to the deadly virus by the victim.

The app has also a drop-down feature called “Global” that helps one to select the city they want to see videos and updates. When one taps on any update for more information, any saved video will auto-play. If there are no saved videos, the user is taken straight to the incidents’ location map. One can tap the symbols under the video to switch between the videos and the map.

The Citizen app also allows one to leave a reaction by either emoji or leave a comment by touching the speech bubble. The share button at the bottom right allows the user to choose on platforms they want to share their message either by the Citizen app, WhatsApp, or social media or by copying the link to one’s clipboard. On the map feature, the user can view the helicopters. This makes sure that the user is aware of why the helicopter is over their head and warns them to stay out of the path. Read more about Citizen App, here.


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