How Dickey’s BBQ Maintains Its Profit-Making Spree Amidst The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic came as a shock and affected many businesses dramatically. Most industries were either slowed down or shut down due to the pandemic. However, the customer service industry including restaurants and hotel businesses were the first industries to be impacted as consumer services are its major line of business. Businesses in this industry either had to look for new ways for their clients to access their services or face shut down.

Dickey’s BBQ Franchise is a family-owned business, was able to thrive and survive through the pandemic. Through the help of the company’s leaders Laura Rea Dickey and Roland Dickey Jr., the company was able to scale upward and maintain over 100 percent of restaurant sales.

Their first restaurant was called the “Green Top Barbecue” and it served food out of a building where they did cater on the side. Over time, word spread of this delicious barbecue and soon there were lines out the door. People did not have menus to order off of or anything like that, so the restaurant did everything they could to give these customers what they wanted.

Below are some of the mechanisms it employed to achieve consistency.

Delivery Apps

Delivery was also one of the adoptions that had to be made with many businesses to survive during the pandemic. Many people chose to have their foods delivered more during the pandemic than before. However, the use of third-party delivery services may result in inefficiency in service provision.

This resulted in Dickey’s Franchise Guarantee ensuring that their delivery was only done by their company alone.

Buy Online Pick up In-Store

Dickey’s created an online website that would enable diners’ access their services during the Covid-19 shutdown. The pandemic shutdown reduced the possibility of dining in restaurants which were covered by BOPIS. The system was convenient in that it allowed diners to order from the company’s website and was flexible in that the food could either be picked up or delivered.

Streamlining Kitchen Services

The pandemic led to a shortage of employees. Also, the necessity of having a lot of staff was seen as less viable due to the reduction of consumers caused by the pandemic. It, therefore, became necessary to digitize many services to make work easier. Dickey’s Barbecue Franchise was recently awarded for implementing digital technology in its kitchens by using Amazon’s voice technology. Go to this page for additional information.


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