How Haroldo Jacobovicz is Keeping Brazil Connected

Haroldo Jacobovicz is an investor and entrepreneur from Curitiba Brazil, and is most famous for founding the Brazilian telecommunications giant, Horizon Business. He also is founder of e-Governe Group, dedicated to digitizing government documents, and Horizons Datacenter, providing data services to businesses across Brazil and South America.

Headquartered in Haroldo Jacobovicz’s hometown of Curitiba, Horizon Business employs over 160 people across IT, commercial and customer support sectors. In addition to top quality architecture and reliability, Horizon also stands out for top quality customer service, forgoing the endless pre-recorded messages in favor of a human-centric experience.

Now Haroldo Jacobovicz is setting his sights on a new challenge: helping businesses digitize in the era of ecommerce. Horizon’s document and record digitization has streamlined the workflow for hundreds of companies and offers cloud backup with state of the art security and redundancy, giving business owners peace of mind that their data is secured in any situation. Seeing success working with business, Horizon now seeks to offer these and similar services to end consumers, who show increasing interest in data protection and cloud computing. In order to reach a wider audience, the company is now focused on increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and strengthening shareholder relations.

Engaged leadership has been a hallmark of Haroldo Jacobovicz’s career, even with his companies expanding to hundreds of employees, he still is an active part of every area of Horizon, making an effort to interact with every employee. A reflective mindset has been the key to maintaining the steady growth of Horizon and its impressive flexibility during the pandemic. Learning from the past, preparing for the future, and being ready for the present have been constant pillars of Horizon Business, and its leader Haroldo Jacobovicz and more