What Contributed to the Success of Brian Bonar?

Brian Bonar is a popular name in the world of finance, and it’s no secret that his company, Dalrada Financial is doing significantly well. Having received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering, Bonar went on later to get his Master’s Degree as well in Technical Engineering from Stafford University.

Bonar’s experience runs deeper than finance, along with experience in management with more than 100 staff at a time. Working as both a procurement manager and a Sales Manager, Bonar had enough experience to strike out on his own, starting his first company Bezier Systems.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is a privately held company where Bonar works today, and has been a director of the company since 1995. Over time, Bonar has held many different positions within the company, adding to his experience and knowledge of how a major corporation works from the inside out. Bonar’s greatest passion is finance, and how it works at a corporate level.

Today, Bonar’s main focus is on mergers and acquisitions, two of the most important aspects of a company to start and to grow. Through approaching finance creatively, Bonar has effectively managed more people as the result of working with Trucept, a company that focuses on managing employee benefits for large corporations.

One of the main tasks at Trucept is to aid in the management of payroll, as well as focusing on staffing solutions and administrative duties.

Additionally, Bonar has been focused on helping small and medium sized businesses learn more about how to effectively file taxes for the company and how to maintain their day-to-day business through risk management.

According to Bloomberg, it was in April of 1998 that Brian Bonar assumed the role of the CEO for Dalrada Financial Corporation, and today Bonar continues to serve successfully with any company he partners with, more specifically in finance.