Tips for Hosting a Hassle-Free Event

Event and party planning should not be a hassle or hectic. It is easy to plan, design and organize an unforgettable event when you plan early and stay organized. The following are tips for hosting an event that most corporate event planners in NYC go by.

Be Organized

Always keep various lists that can be updated through the planning procedure. These lists should include a main-to-do list that contains every task that must be done, a shopping list that makes sure you will not forget any supplies, and a guest list that includes contact information, RSVPs, and dietary restrictions.

Design a Theme

Chose a creative theme to set the tone especially when you are hosting birthdays or holiday parties. For instance, you can hire a mariachi and serve margaritas to create a south-of-the-border festival.

Send Early Invitations

Sending online invitations is still acceptable especially if the get-together is last-minute. However, mailing invitations early will set the tone for the party and create anticipation for the fun that lies ahead. Design your invitation cards or purchase them from online stationery firms.

Make a Specialty Cocktail

Create a cocktail that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Make it extra cheerful by garnishing it with lime or berries and serving it in elegant glasses. Plan on one glass of alcoholic beverage per person in one hour.

Set Up a Separate Area for the Kids

If your event is family-friendly, it is good to set up a place for the kids to have their fun away from the adults. To set the kids’ table, you may try covering it in butcher paper, have a cupcake centerpiece, place colored pencils in jars for them to draw, and have bamboo plates since they are disposable.

About Twenty Three Layers

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Builds A Luxury Real Estate Empire

The name Hussain Sajwani was known by members of the U.S. military and the global energy industry but not by the majority of the public until the DAMAC owner attended a New Year’s Eve party hosted by U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Being namechecked by the U.S. President was always going to bring the Hussain Sajwani family to the attention of the global press and lead to the luxury real estate development the pair have partnered to construct to the attention of as many people as possible; with one Trump branded golf course opened at a DAMAC property in the United Arab Emirates and a second due to open in 2018, the success of Hussain Sajwani looks to be growing in the coming years.


Created in 2002, DAMAC remains the most successful company created by Hussain Sajwani and has managed to navigate the bumpy path real estate often creates for those choosing to work in this industry. Having become an expert in the development of luxury properties, Hussain Sajwani believes DAMAC will continue to find success because of the high-level of luxury his developments provide for residents and his innovative approach to business; Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC came to the attention of many in the UAE when a luxury car was offered as an incentive for every buyer of a luxury apartment in his developments.Learn more:


When questioned about the success of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani often points to the financial success his group has achieved in recent years including the need to keep the financial stability of the company in the foreground at all times. DAMAC never carries debts for the land purchased to complete luxury developments and makes sure every development has its own finances separate from any other part of the business career of Hussain Sajwani. The founder and Chairman of DAMAC explain keeping all loans and finances separate ensures the financial position of every development is clear to see at all times. Learn more:

Betsy DeVos; Bringing Change To The Education Sector One School At A Time

The formidable philanthropic couple Dick and Betsy DeVos have held prominent leadership positions both in politics and in the business sector. The two are known widely in the U.S as one of the founders of many charity initiatives. They have benefited many conservative groups, Christian nonprofits, and educational causes. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, the two have directed millions of dollars towards these projects. Despite the fact that many people know them as active politicians and funders, they aver that they are immensely blessed. Therefore they can give back to society by funding the non-profit sector. This they say is the cornerstone of their generous nature.


The DeVos family has a net worth that is estimated at $1.3 billion. Their foundation recently was ranked number 24 on the Forbes list of “Americas Top Givers.” The family’s philanthropic nature has been seen over the years from generations to generations. They have instilled this noble character in their two children who are regularly contributing to some groups.


Betsy and Dick are conservative when it comes to their political views. Similarly, they show a lot of passion towards their Christian beliefs. This is significantly reflected in many of the areas to which they donate. A good example is Betsy DeVos’ partnership with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Not so long ago, the DeVos Family Foundation gave $750,000 to the Institute for Public Policy. Besides that, they are donating to numerous organizations whose aim is to serve and push for the needs of conservative students across the country.


Betsy DeVos hails from Grand Rapids Michigan. She has been instrumental in supporting schools in her home. The classes are funded under the Potter’s House, which is a Christian school. Betsy funds the education with over $200,000 per year. Much of this money is directed towards scholarships. The scholarships are meant to support children who hail from low-income families. These are families that are not able to come up with the amount of money needed to provide their children with excellent Christian education. The donations are also essential in supporting necessary programs in the Grand Rapids Area around the school. Such programs have proven to be quite beneficial to the youth in the area.


Betsy DeVos donates to some Christian groups many of which are also education related. Good examples are the Grand Rapids Christian School Association and the Ada Christian School Society where she is an annual supporter. Also, the DeVos Family Foundation funds various colleges by making donations to them. One of such universities is Maryland’s Arts Management School. The school even has a building which is dedicated to the DeVos Family.


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