Sussex Healthcare Audiology

Sussex Healthcare is a comprehensive branch of healthcare who’s mission is, according to their website, “to provide high quality care that is safe, accountable, and effective with excellent patient experience”. Sussex Healthcare has audiology branches located in Surrey, Berkshire, and Sussex to serve the hearing impaired. This healthcare company specializes in hearing and restoring hearing to those who suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus.

SHC maintains quality care by ensuring they are granted accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. By maintaining this standard, SHC ensures professional and quality service to all of their patients. In addition to accreditation, they follow the National Good Practice Guide for best practices in regards to evaluating their healthcare and how they can better serve their patients.

According to the reviews on, SHC’s patients are more than happy with the service provided for hearing care. One patient’s feedback stated “Well pleased with the outcome of getting to use deaf aids and many thanks for what you have done for me” and another asserted “Very good. Vast improvement over original hearing aid. This time, I have more confidence in test and results”. Clearly, Sussex strives to provide those that the care for the utmost attention to detail to ensure that the hearing impaired receive the unique healthcare that they need.

SHC uses hearing instruments such as hearing aids to treat different kinds of hearing loss, such as conductive and sensorineural, and their varying degrees. SHC provides examples of each type of hearing loss on their website so that patients can prepare before examination. They also treat Tinnitus, which they define as a ringing, buzzing, or whistling noise in the head.

Sussex Healthcare has varying doctors serving at specific locations, but they do not disclose the names unless you specifically make an appointment. However, Dr. Sharmilla Reddy has received glowing reviews on their website for being an exceptional audiologist. If you or a loved one have been struggling with hearing loss and you live in the Sussex area, considering healthcare through SHC could make a huge difference and provide you with the assistance you need.

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