Customer Comments Initiate User Technology

Popular Securus Technologies features are partly initiated by customer comments. Their customers are proud to play a role in an inmate calling provider affiliated with the American Correctional Association. They believe in interactive features with guaranteed proven savings. Stay connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility and worry about money far less than what’s really important with Securus. Their customer preferred network has grew their customer network to over 246,000+ patrons. Securus once operated as a network provider of other inmate calling networks and now stand firm as a competitor provider.


Preferred Customer Securus Features


Have you been through the necessary, but uncomfortable security measures to visit a friend or love one in a correctional facility? Their have been thousands of customers who have downloaded the Securus Technologies app and have been able to visit conveniently online. Pay a small fee, be included on an inmates visiting list, and be over eighteen to visit. Their download application is compatible with multiple devices and is easy to use.


Preferred Securus Technology Services


– inmate voicemail

online inmate email

– packaging services for select facilities

– crime prevention forum

prepaid services

– live 24 hour customer support


Join the popular Securus family today and save.


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