Wealth Solutions’ Richard Blair: Offering Objective, Unbiased Investment Advice

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas has earned a great reputation for providing his clients with sound investment and retirement planning advice. The services Blair offers through Wealth Solutions helps his clients to better grow, protect and manage the assets they hold dear. Clients find the well-qualified and vastly experienced Richard Blair to be a very resourceful advisor and partner. Blair’s many certifications include CES, CAS, CFS and RICP. Those certifications combined with his experience have enabled him to give his clients sage investment advice.


An investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is also a Registered Investment Advisory company. Richard Blair founded the company in 1994 as a way to provide members of the Austin, Texas community with a dependable plan for attaining their financial goals. Wealth Solutions does this by providing its clients with excellent retirement planning assistance and wealth management services. The company does that using a comprehensive three pillar approach.


Using that approach, Wealth Solutions is able to quickly ascertain the financial situation and retirement needs of their clients and design a customized, holistic plan to help them reach their goals. The three pillars of the firm’s methods are:


Pillar 1: Identify the client’s strengths, goals, growth opportunities and risk tolerance and create an effective financial roadmap for them to follow.


Pillar 2: Develop a specifically tailored long-term investment strategy based on the client’s investment goals and liquidity needs to ensure the client’s portfolio enjoys maximum income and adequate protection from losses.


Pillar 3: Create an insurance plan that includes life insurance, annuities and long-term care.


Richard Blair earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in financial management services and finance. After spending a year working in the financial services industry, he opened Wealth Solutions to provide investors in Austin, Texas with objective, unbiased investment advice. His goal was to make a positive and significant difference in the fortunes and lives of small business owners, families and individuals in the Austin community.


Having been surrounded by educators growing up, Richard Blair has seen first hand how increasing people’s knowledge helps their confidence and understanding to grow. At Wealth Solutions he doesn’t just tell clients in what they should invest, he explains the risks and long-term benefits as well. This has helped to make him a well-trusted and beloved figure to his clients and people in the Austin community in general.


For more information, connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.

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