Wealth Solutions’ Richard Blair: Offering Objective, Unbiased Investment Advice

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas has earned a great reputation for providing his clients with sound investment and retirement planning advice. The services Blair offers through Wealth Solutions helps his clients to better grow, protect and manage the assets they hold dear. Clients find the well-qualified and vastly experienced Richard Blair to be a very resourceful advisor and partner. Blair’s many certifications include CES, CAS, CFS and RICP. Those certifications combined with his experience have enabled him to give his clients sage investment advice.


An investment advisory firm based in Austin, Texas, Wealth Solutions is also a Registered Investment Advisory company. Richard Blair founded the company in 1994 as a way to provide members of the Austin, Texas community with a dependable plan for attaining their financial goals. Wealth Solutions does this by providing its clients with excellent retirement planning assistance and wealth management services. The company does that using a comprehensive three pillar approach.


Using that approach, Wealth Solutions is able to quickly ascertain the financial situation and retirement needs of their clients and design a customized, holistic plan to help them reach their goals. The three pillars of the firm’s methods are:


Pillar 1: Identify the client’s strengths, goals, growth opportunities and risk tolerance and create an effective financial roadmap for them to follow.


Pillar 2: Develop a specifically tailored long-term investment strategy based on the client’s investment goals and liquidity needs to ensure the client’s portfolio enjoys maximum income and adequate protection from losses.


Pillar 3: Create an insurance plan that includes life insurance, annuities and long-term care.


Richard Blair earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston in financial management services and finance. After spending a year working in the financial services industry, he opened Wealth Solutions to provide investors in Austin, Texas with objective, unbiased investment advice. His goal was to make a positive and significant difference in the fortunes and lives of small business owners, families and individuals in the Austin community.


Having been surrounded by educators growing up, Richard Blair has seen first hand how increasing people’s knowledge helps their confidence and understanding to grow. At Wealth Solutions he doesn’t just tell clients in what they should invest, he explains the risks and long-term benefits as well. This has helped to make him a well-trusted and beloved figure to his clients and people in the Austin community in general.


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Customer Comments Initiate User Technology

Popular Securus Technologies features are partly initiated by customer comments. Their customers are proud to play a role in an inmate calling provider affiliated with the American Correctional Association. They believe in interactive features with guaranteed proven savings. Stay connected to your friends and love ones in a correctional facility and worry about money far less than what’s really important with Securus. Their customer preferred network has grew their customer network to over 246,000+ patrons. Securus once operated as a network provider of other inmate calling networks and now stand firm as a competitor provider.


Preferred Customer Securus Features


Have you been through the necessary, but uncomfortable security measures to visit a friend or love one in a correctional facility? Their have been thousands of customers who have downloaded the Securus Technologies app and have been able to visit conveniently online. Pay a small fee, be included on an inmates visiting list, and be over eighteen to visit. Their download application is compatible with multiple devices and is easy to use.


Preferred Securus Technology Services


– inmate voicemail

online inmate email

– packaging services for select facilities

– crime prevention forum

prepaid services

– live 24 hour customer support


Join the popular Securus family today and save.


Sussex Healthcare Audiology

Sussex Healthcare is a comprehensive branch of healthcare who’s mission is, according to their website, “to provide high quality care that is safe, accountable, and effective with excellent patient experience”. Sussex Healthcare has audiology branches located in Surrey, Berkshire, and Sussex to serve the hearing impaired. This healthcare company specializes in hearing and restoring hearing to those who suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus.

SHC maintains quality care by ensuring they are granted accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services. By maintaining this standard, SHC ensures professional and quality service to all of their patients. In addition to accreditation, they follow the National Good Practice Guide for best practices in regards to evaluating their healthcare and how they can better serve their patients.

According to the reviews on sussexhealthcare.org, SHC’s patients are more than happy with the service provided for hearing care. One patient’s feedback stated “Well pleased with the outcome of getting to use deaf aids and many thanks for what you have done for me” and another asserted “Very good. Vast improvement over original hearing aid. This time, I have more confidence in test and results”. Clearly, Sussex strives to provide those that the care for the utmost attention to detail to ensure that the hearing impaired receive the unique healthcare that they need.

SHC uses hearing instruments such as hearing aids to treat different kinds of hearing loss, such as conductive and sensorineural, and their varying degrees. SHC provides examples of each type of hearing loss on their website so that patients can prepare before examination. They also treat Tinnitus, which they define as a ringing, buzzing, or whistling noise in the head.

Sussex Healthcare has varying doctors serving at specific locations, but they do not disclose the names unless you specifically make an appointment. However, Dr. Sharmilla Reddy has received glowing reviews on their website for being an exceptional audiologist. If you or a loved one have been struggling with hearing loss and you live in the Sussex area, considering healthcare through SHC could make a huge difference and provide you with the assistance you need.

Visit gazetteday.com for more details about the company.

Tips for Hosting a Hassle-Free Event

Event and party planning should not be a hassle or hectic. It is easy to plan, design and organize an unforgettable event when you plan early and stay organized. The following are tips for hosting an event that most corporate event planners in NYC go by.

Be Organized

Always keep various lists that can be updated through the planning procedure. These lists should include a main-to-do list that contains every task that must be done, a shopping list that makes sure you will not forget any supplies, and a guest list that includes contact information, RSVPs, and dietary restrictions.

Design a Theme

Chose a creative theme to set the tone especially when you are hosting birthdays or holiday parties. For instance, you can hire a mariachi and serve margaritas to create a south-of-the-border festival.

Send Early Invitations

Sending online invitations is still acceptable especially if the get-together is last-minute. However, mailing invitations early will set the tone for the party and create anticipation for the fun that lies ahead. Design your invitation cards or purchase them from online stationery firms.

Make a Specialty Cocktail

Create a cocktail that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Make it extra cheerful by garnishing it with lime or berries and serving it in elegant glasses. Plan on one glass of alcoholic beverage per person in one hour.

Set Up a Separate Area for the Kids

If your event is family-friendly, it is good to set up a place for the kids to have their fun away from the adults. To set the kids’ table, you may try covering it in butcher paper, have a cupcake centerpiece, place colored pencils in jars for them to draw, and have bamboo plates since they are disposable.

About Twenty Three Layers

Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC. It boasts of having relationships with internationally private establishments and in demand merchants. Due to their up to date knowledge with creative inspiration, the firm delivers memorable parties that reflect the best and latest trends in decor, entertainment, and food. They plan and design events such as weddings, charitable functions, corporate events, galas, and one-of-a-kind parties.


DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Builds A Luxury Real Estate Empire

The name Hussain Sajwani was known by members of the U.S. military and the global energy industry but not by the majority of the public until the DAMAC owner attended a New Year’s Eve party hosted by U.S. President Donald J. Trump. Being namechecked by the U.S. President was always going to bring the Hussain Sajwani family to the attention of the global press and lead to the luxury real estate development the pair have partnered to construct to the attention of as many people as possible; with one Trump branded golf course opened at a DAMAC property in the United Arab Emirates and a second due to open in 2018, the success of Hussain Sajwani looks to be growing in the coming years.


Created in 2002, DAMAC remains the most successful company created by Hussain Sajwani and has managed to navigate the bumpy path real estate often creates for those choosing to work in this industry. Having become an expert in the development of luxury properties, Hussain Sajwani believes DAMAC will continue to find success because of the high-level of luxury his developments provide for residents and his innovative approach to business; Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC came to the attention of many in the UAE when a luxury car was offered as an incentive for every buyer of a luxury apartment in his developments.Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJxJrIkRTzk


When questioned about the success of DAMAC, Hussain Sajwani often points to the financial success his group has achieved in recent years including the need to keep the financial stability of the company in the foreground at all times. DAMAC never carries debts for the land purchased to complete luxury developments and makes sure every development has its own finances separate from any other part of the business career of Hussain Sajwani. The founder and Chairman of DAMAC explain keeping all loans and finances separate ensures the financial position of every development is clear to see at all times. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/HussainSajwaniOfficial/

Betsy DeVos; Bringing Change To The Education Sector One School At A Time

The formidable philanthropic couple Dick and Betsy DeVos have held prominent leadership positions both in politics and in the business sector. The two are known widely in the U.S as one of the founders of many charity initiatives. They have benefited many conservative groups, Christian nonprofits, and educational causes. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, the two have directed millions of dollars towards these projects. Despite the fact that many people know them as active politicians and funders, they aver that they are immensely blessed. Therefore they can give back to society by funding the non-profit sector. This they say is the cornerstone of their generous nature.


The DeVos family has a net worth that is estimated at $1.3 billion. Their foundation recently was ranked number 24 on the Forbes list of “Americas Top Givers.” The family’s philanthropic nature has been seen over the years from generations to generations. They have instilled this noble character in their two children who are regularly contributing to some groups.


Betsy and Dick are conservative when it comes to their political views. Similarly, they show a lot of passion towards their Christian beliefs. This is significantly reflected in many of the areas to which they donate. A good example is Betsy DeVos’ partnership with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy. Not so long ago, the DeVos Family Foundation gave $750,000 to the Institute for Public Policy. Besides that, they are donating to numerous organizations whose aim is to serve and push for the needs of conservative students across the country.


Betsy DeVos hails from Grand Rapids Michigan. She has been instrumental in supporting schools in her home. The classes are funded under the Potter’s House, which is a Christian school. Betsy funds the education with over $200,000 per year. Much of this money is directed towards scholarships. The scholarships are meant to support children who hail from low-income families. These are families that are not able to come up with the amount of money needed to provide their children with excellent Christian education. The donations are also essential in supporting necessary programs in the Grand Rapids Area around the school. Such programs have proven to be quite beneficial to the youth in the area.


Betsy DeVos donates to some Christian groups many of which are also education related. Good examples are the Grand Rapids Christian School Association and the Ada Christian School Society where she is an annual supporter. Also, the DeVos Family Foundation funds various colleges by making donations to them. One of such universities is Maryland’s Arts Management School. The school even has a building which is dedicated to the DeVos Family.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.

Roberto Santiago’s Success Story at Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a famous Brazilian businessman. He is well known for the development of one of the country’s biggest shopping malls, the Manaira Shopping Mall. Besides, he owns Mangeira Shopping Mall.


Education and Early Life


Santiago was born 58 years ago in João Pessoa, Brazil. He then joined Pio X Marist College for a diploma. He later joined the University Center of Joao Pessoa for a degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, he secured his first job at Café Santa Rosa. His first job acted as a stepping stone as he saved most of his money and acquired experience.


Journey as an Investor


After working for some time, Santiago left Café Santa Rosa and started a company that dealt with cartons. The company supplied various enterprises with packaging cartons. Besides, he ran a blog that educated people about his country Brazil. He then used the money he saved from this company in starting a real-estate business.


Manaira Shopping Mall


Santiago purchased a piece of land in Joao Pessoa. By 1989, he had started to develop Manaira Shopping Mall. Due to his vision about the mall, it was constructed in a way that would easily allow expansion in the future.


Since its construction, Manaira Shopping Mall has undergone five major expansions. Consequently, the mall has grown to become the biggest mall in Joao Pessoa. The mall provides Joao Pessoa with various services among them entertainment activities.


The mall is located between Joao Pessoa city center and the beaches of the north coast. This mall has 280 stores and a Gross Lendable Area (ABL) of about 75 thousand m2. The mall is versatile and was made to ensure satisfaction for all members of the family.


Entertainment at Manaira Shopping Mall


Manaira Shopping Mall has 11 movie rooms. The rooms are not only equipped with modern display devices, but also has rooms for VIP, 3D, and Stadium System. The mall has modern and electronic tracks for those who love bowling. The mall has places for electronic game machine lovers.


In addition, if you feel hungry the mall has various places for you. You can choose fast food or even a more sophisticated meal. The mall has a food court, hamburgers, and restaurants. Besides, you can get a ballroom and also a gym at the facility.


Other Investments


In 2014, Santiago started Mangabeira Shopping. The mall is located in the north eastern part of João Pessoa. The place is known for its beautiful beaches and dizzying sunset. Many people love the place because of its beauty and great food.


Santiago is an entrepreneur with a difference. He is visionary and aggressive. He gives special attention to opportunities that most of the other entrepreneurs may not notice. He started his entrepreneurship career as an employee at a café and now has become a famous businessman in Brazil.



Securus Technologies – Best Correctional Facility Communications Company

It’s hard to find a honest, dedicated communications company that you can rely on, however, Securus Technologies is a company that you can count on. The innovative communications company has been producing quality services for over 20 years. They have dedicated much of their time and efforts to ensuring that security is at the highest quality when it comes to correctional facilities and inmates. They have created a huge variety of communications services available to inmates, security officials and correctional facilities throughout the United States and Canada. They are responsible for serving approximately 3,400 correctional facilities in the region with more than one million inmates. The company was founded in 1986 and resides in Dallas, Texas. They have several offices located throughout the Unites States and offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Securus Technologies takes great pride in the integrity and honesty of their company. Their security measures have made it possible for state officials to obtain important information between inmates and outside individuals as well as keep security, customer care and their technology services as their number one priority. They have been one of the leading providers in the civil and criminal justice communications and security systems. They strive to improve and provide the best public safety options possible along with the uprising of modern technology related to the experience of being incarcerated.


Securus is also known for their excellent customer service. Each customer service advisor is fully trained to provide the best technology options, individually catered to each individual. They understand how important it is to keep in touch with your loved ones, and will certainly make sure that the communication is evident as well as secure. They consistently look for ways to make the process easier for inmates, their family members, and correctional facility personnel.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Pushing Bradesco To New Heights

The massive growth that has been experienced in the Brazilian banking sector in recent years is attributed to leadership and performance of senior bank executives like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Luiz has diligently served Bradesco for over decades, and that is why he commands a lot of respect in the industry. As the current president and CEO of Bradesco, he is known for his leadership skills and good understanding of the Brazilian financial sector.

The Brazilian banking industry continues to be dominated by many emerging banks, but Bradesco remains one of the most popular brands in the country. In fact, the bank is ranked as the second largest financial institution in the country in terms of market share and profitability. Bradesco offers a wide range of financial services to its clients including banking and insurance services. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is a personal pensions and marketing expert and has played a critical role in the company’s insurance segment.

As one of the senior bankers in Brazil working for one of the largest banks in the country, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has over the years interacted with very influential personalities in Brazil. The bank has high profile clients like business and political leaders that use the bank’s financial and insurance services. He is a major contributor to articles that feature in popular business magazines and newspapers in Brazil. Most writers cite him as an authority in their articles because of his vast experience in the financial sector. He is also a top consultant in personal pensions and marketing, and most government organizations consult him when coming up with various financial policies.

Bradesco has always been known to offer exemplary services to its clients and that is why it remains a market leader in banking and insurance. The bank began its operations over seventy years ago and is considered as one of the oldest financial institutions in the country. In fact, Luiz joined the Bradesco in 1969 after the banks had been in operation for over three decades. His familiarity with the bank’s daily operations and organizational culture made him the most appropriate candidate for the president’s position. The fact that he has been at Bradesco for many years means that he has the necessary knowledge and experience to lead the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was later appointed as Bradesco’s CEO and president because of his experience in all the previous positions he had held at the company. He continues to excel in his current roles and his commitment to duty has never been in question. A perfect example of his previous successes is when he was appointed to head Bradesco Seguros. Within a short period of time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi managed to increase the company’s profitability by 9% and its overall market share by 2%.

Traditionally, most bankers are known to have studied courses such as commerce, economics, and finance at the university. As a graduate of Sao Paulo University, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been able to learn most of the financial aspects of banking while on the job. He joined Bradesco in 1969 as a clerk and rose through the ranks to head the marketing department by 1984.

A Review Of Hussain Sajwani’s Entrepreneurial Journey

DAMAC Group is associated with many high-end developments in the Middle East. Recently, the company hit the headlines for its partnership with Donald Trump’s company. The partnership resulted in the development of luxurious properties, including the Trump International Golf Club Dubai. In addition, the UAE-based company engages in other fields such as the hospitality industry.


Hussain Sajwani is fond of the company’s humble beginning. The 57-year-old talks about the company’s first business activities like it were yesterday. The company started operations by serving as a food service company to the United States army during the Operation Desert Storm. Its outstanding services in the campaign saw the company receive a special plaque marking from the army. It also earned the company the opportunity to continue providing its services to soldiers involved in other operations. DAMAC Group worked alongside major American companies like Bechtel in Bosnia, the Gulf, and Somalia.


Twenty six years later, food business remains an integral part of DAMAC Group. The business is a testimony to Hussain Sajwani’s business expertise and his ability to make friends on an international scale. This ability is still conspicuous even today given his partnership with Donald Trump. Over the years, the president’s family and Hussain Sajwani family have maintained cordial relationships. The depth of this friendship was proven when the DAMAC owner received a special mention during this year’s New Year Eve speech, which was made by President Trump. Hussain Sajwani and his family were invited to the diner party that was hosted by the American president.


Although DAMAC Group suffered after the 2008 economic crisis, the recovery of property prices in UAE helped the company to recover and start working towards making more investments. Hussain Sajwani plans to take advantage of the boom and oversee the company’s initial public offering (IPO). The shares will be publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. However, the business leader is not saying much about the planned IPO. Hussain Sajwani does not talk about the IPO saying that it is premature given that experts are yet to finalize on its planning.


DAMAC joined the real estate industry during the boom of 2002. This is because of the influx of wealthy visitors from the Soviet Union. Hussain Sajwani knew that he needed to capture such clients in order to succeed in the business. He began developing top-of-range properties and marketing them aggressively. Over the years, he has managed to expand DAMAC Group’s operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, and Qatar.


Follow the Damac owner on twitter.