Neil Gerrard White-collar Crime Specialization

Neil Gerrard is an experienced white-collar crimes lawyer. Big corporations across the globe are affected by white-collar crimes, and they need legal representation. The services offered by Neil have received good reviews from many companies. He dedicates his time to providing top-quality legal services that meet the highest quality standards. As a dedicated team member, Neil Gerrard has worked with several professionals, and they are happy to have him as part of their team. 


Litigation in the corporate sector

Neil Gerrard has a good reputation for top-quality legal services in the corporate sector. As a dedicated team leader, he goes the extra mile in providing top-quality services that have made him stand out as a highly experienced lawyer. The law professional requires experienced experts who can deal with different issues. Neil Gerrard stands out in offering top-quality services that meet the needs of other people in the corporate world. 


Regulatory investigations

Neil Gerrard has experience in dealing with regulatory investigations. He has undertaken several regulatory investigations, and he has achieved the best results. Working with other professionals has made Neil Gerrard´s succeed when dealing with different issues that affect big companies. Neil handles different changes in white collar crime litigations. 


Working with US, UK, and EU regulators

Successful attorney Neil Gerrard has a good reputation when dealing with different issues that affect investors in various jurisdictions. The multiple jurisdictions the law firms where he works have been working have developed a good reputation. His experience in the field has been growing over time to make more people eager to get top-quality services.