Robert Bull Is Creating Homes of Hope for People Above 45

Life past 45 years can be hard, especially in terms of having a sustainable, secure, and cheap but comfortable home. However, a UK-based company called RoyaleLife is changing this narrative by providing a welcoming place for people above 45.

RoyaleLife is headed by CEO Robert Bull, who has made it his life goal to provide affordable homes that fit within the retirement plans f of many individuals. Bull has been able to pull the company through from a relatively small company to becoming the largest provider of affordable bungalows in the UK.

The company is currently very popular for its luxury gated communities, especially at the coast and countryside. However, Robert Bull has set the goals for the company even higher and is not relenting to strengthen the company. As part of his effort to further make RoyaleLife a global leader, Bull recently brought in Tim Simmons, a housing expert with over 30 years of experience working in the real estate sector in the UK.

Simmons will work as the Director of Business Development at the company. According to Bull, the addition of Simmons is expected to strengthen the company’s senior management further and ensure that customer experience is improved to unparalleled levels throughout the sales process.

The company, which has been in existence since 1945, has been in the news recently with its Home Exchange Program. The program allows people to purchase smaller, cheaper, but more comfortable homes with their current homes at the current market prices. The program, which is targeted at people above 45 years, has been a huge success, and Robert Bull is looking to build on this success.

As part of leveraging the recent success, Robert Bull believes that the company should make the best effort to enhance customer experience. Bull believes that customers are the greatest company ambassadors. Further, he believes that the company cannot achieve success if the customers are not satisfied. In this light, he is seeking to strengthen his senior management to ensure that customer needs and experience are elevated to unrivaled levels in the industry.