The Life of Thomas Neyhart from PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart might be the head honcho at the moment but he is well aware of the fact that it took a lot of time & effort for him to get there. So what is the secret to the longevity of his success over the years? Well, Thomas Neyhart thinks it boils down to good old fashioned brains integrity & ingenuity. He came of age in a small town on the outskirts of what is now known as New Orleans. As he got to the age of 18, he knew he would have to find the college that would be best for him but was not sure where he wanted to go. 


He did have an offer from Yale, but in the end, turned down the bull dog life so he could be a tiger in lieu of that. As he got to campus, he was given an advisor & this man would help guide him in the right direction. Thomas Neyhart knew that he could always go to him if there were ever any issues that he had with classes or something along those lines. As he got to the end of his junior year, he was able to pull up his grades which he knew would help him in the long run. 


By the time he had been there for 4 years, he had racked up enough credits to earn a BS but he did not know if he would be able to handle life on the outside. So he went to the career fair to see what he could do when he got out. As soon as he was happy with what he had found, he was ready to graduate. From there, Thomas Neyhart had to find a role that he would like but it was not as easy to do this as he thought it would be. So he went on to create a business that would come to be known as posigen. He was not sure if it would succeed but it has since been strong for more than a decade as he looks to the future. 

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