Why Alejandro Betancourt Has Been Supporting an Online Platform at Hawkers

Alejandro Betancourt has managed to build an online platform that this organization has been using to handle its business operations in the industry. This organization has been operating through the physical structures in the organization. His primary strategy has been to bring some essential additions at Hawkers, which would be very effective in ensuring that the organization is becoming better in the market and in its competitive strategies.

Alejandro Betancourt knew that the physical premises that Hawkers had been using in its business operations were not the best. It had been in the operations of the business for very many years. Unfortunately, this strategy had never been the most appropriate to a smaller organization that was looking to have some considerable influence in the business sector. There were very many problems that this company was trying to address that would have been effective with another strategy in place.

By having an online platform, there were some essential strategies that Alejandro Betancourt wanted to introduce at the operations of Hawkers. The first and most important incorporation that he wanted to have in this organization is the issue of serving people in various corners of the world.

The organization had been on aggressive marketing techniques and strategy that was focused on communicating with customers from various parts of the world. There is no doubt that very many customers would be interested in the products that this organization was offering.

Besides offering its products to customers in other parts of the world, Alejandro Betancourt was interested in ensuring that this business was also enhancing the quality of the services it was offering to its customers. Currently, organizations that are operating through their physical facilities are not seen to have the most appropriate customer services in their operations. That is why organizations are introducing online platforms as they are comfortable and usually seen as the best ways of offering advanced customer services.

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