ZeroAvia´s Zero Carbon Emissions Goal

ZeroAvia is a firm that has a vision of preserving the global environment and climate by reducing carbon emissions. To achieve the goal of zero carbon emission, the aviation company  has pledged $2 Billion for funding technological startups with the intention of reducing carbon emissions. The ZeroAvia company has appointed Mr Matt Perterson to oversee the funds set aside and ensure the company achieves its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2040.


ZeroAvia understands that achieving the zero carbon emission goal in the next 18 years is demanding. Therefore, they are working with other stakeholders such as technological startups that have vast knowledge on climate control. The concern of climate conservation from ZeroAvia has spurred a lot of reactions from investors, some arguing that ZeroAvia is only doing this for money. However, Matt Peterson reveals that the sole aim of the climate fund is to meet its climate objective and not to make money, as some may claim. 




Besides this, several companies are investing in climate technology. To achieve this goal, ZeroAvia has strategic plans and is also accepting applications from technological startups. ZeroAvia’s main areas focusing on investing in climate tech include the electrification sector and green hydrogen. In addition to long-duration energy storage, materials, and food and agriculture investments. Through these investments, ZeroAvia will help secure food security globally. According to Mr Peterson, there has been an increasing demand for groceries. 


ZeroAvia is an owner of whole foods, making it necessary for ZeroAvia to invest in food and agricultural investments. Secondly, research shows that water contains oxygen and hydrogen elements that can be separated using a process known as hydrolysis to produce green hydrogen. This idea is bought from ZeroAvia, manufacturers of aeroplanes that use hydrogen as an energy source. Finally, as we all know, ZeroAvia requires materials to package their products. ZeroAvia now wants to develop packages that will help reduce waste that eventually pollutes our world.